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Video Demonstrations

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WR List

Hurry and Get Your Wearable Robotics Technology on the top of the WR Listing!

The Wearable Robotics Association (WearRA) seeks to identify all commercially available wearable robotic technologies from around the globe. The purpose is to provide an awareness of all products that our industry has to offer. It is not an endorsement or certification of safety or efficacy. Company ID #s are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis so hurry and get your number at the top of the listing

This is a FREE offering!

WearRA will provide awareness by generating a list of commercial products and companies. We will make this list accessible on and market it. The primary method for the growth of the list is through self-reporting. We need companies to provide the information of the commercial product with proof on their website.

At this point, we have assigned 100 to 124 as seen in the initial list below. The next available Company ID # is 126. Company ID #s 1-99 and odd numbers such as 101 and 103 are all reserved. WearRA reserves the right to reject or delete a product. Wearable robotic technologies include all manner of exoskeleton, prosthetic and orthotic technologies. The key attributes are that it is worn and acts with a desired function.

Company ID#-Year Device ID Issued-Device Number-Other? (001-2018- 001-XXX)

WR 100-2018- 1
Rewalk 6.0 Personal

WR 100-2018- 1
Ekso Bionics GT

WR 100-2018- 1
Bionic Yantra

WR 100-2018- 1
B-Temia Keeogo

WR 100-2018- 1
SuitX Back X

WR 100-2018- 1
Cyberdyne Hal

WR 100-2018- 1
Ottobock C-Brace

WR 100-2018- 1
Ossur Rheo Knee

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Wearable Robots