Opportunity Bridge Program

WearRA Opportunity Bridge Program
Connecting innovators with resources…

ExplanationsWearRA is focused on driving innovation in the field of Wearable Robotics. Breakthroughs in this field often arise from the passionate work of researchers in small companies, universities, start-ups and inventors’ workshops. WearRA believes in connecting these innovators with larger companies and agencies, which may have more significant resources and experience required to accelerate research, development and commercialization of technology.

To facilitate this introduction – WearRA uses a simple ‘Opportunity Review Template‘ as a way for small organizations to describe their idea and their organization. This Opportunity Summary can then be shared with larger companies as a way to make initial connections.

To participate, join us at WearRAcon 17 and have the opportunity to get your idea reviewed by multiple large companies and have one-on-one conversations with their representatives. Download the form today and send to Amy Gallagher at conference@wearablerobotics.com to reserve a spot at the table.