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Membership Dues are as follows:

Individual Membership: $350 per year USD. Any person, firm or corporation who works with wearable robotics and is directly or indirectly associated with the industry (includes industry and entrepreneurs).

Government/Academic Membership: $200 per year USD. Any government agency or institution of higher learning that has curriculum associated with wearable robotics.

Student Membership: $50 per year USD. Any person enrolled full-time in any Undergraduate or post-Graduate educational institution.

Note: Corporate memberships are available to firms with five (5) or more members. Contact for rates.

Memberships align with the calendar year, running January through December. New members will be charged prorated dues for the first year of membership, when joining after January.

If you have any questions about joining WearRA, please contact Amy Gallagher: 757-WearRA-7 (757-932-7727) Contact us

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